House System

All the students of vidyalaya from class VI to XII are divided into ten houses named Arawali 'A', Arawali 'B', Nilgiri 'A', Nilgiri 'B', Shivalik 'A', Shivalik 'B', & Udaygiri 'A',Udaygiri 'B' Girls Sr, & Girls Jr. Each of the houses of boys is looked after by one HM & one A.H.M. Each one of the houses of girls is looked after by one house mistress & AHMs. In addition to H.Ms & A.H.Ms two matrons have been appointed for safety, security & care of girl students.

For CCA and other activities senior and junior girls are attached with Aravali, Nilgiri, Shivalik,Udaygiri ‘A’ & ‘B’ respectively.


    As per NVS guide lines, two-tier system of House shall function in a Navodaya Vidyalaya-
      (i) Junior Houses for Classes VI to VIII
      (ii) Senior Houses for Classes IX to XII

Therefore, there will be eight House Masters for boys and two for girls. Average strength of a House shall be 50.

Though all the girls in a JNV have been placed under two Houses (Junior and Senior) for effective supervision and management, both the Houses shall be further divided into four groups for the conduct of Inter House activities. Each group of girls of a Junior House shall be linked with a Junior House (boys) of the same House and similarly each group of girls of Senior House shall be linked with the corresponding Senior House (boys).


Each child must be allotted a House on the day he/she is admitted to the Vidyalaya. The House of a girl or a boy should not be changed till he/she completes class XII. It is not advisable to reshuffle Houses every year, once a child joins a House, he/she should continue in the same House till he/she passes out of Vidyalaya.


    Each House (Senior & Junior) should have following appointments , which should be awarded to children on account of their good performance in every activity of the Vidyalaya-
      House Captain - 1
      House Vice-Captain - 1
      Prefects - 2
    Following Vidyalaya level appointments be made in consultation with all House Masters, for effective management of the Vidyalaya-
      School Captain - 1
      School Vice-Captain (boys) - 1
      School Vice-Captain (girls) - 1
    Both the above-mentioned appointments should be from senior most in a JNV. They should not hold any other appointment in their own Houses.

School Captain / Vice School Captain-2018-19

1- Abhishek kumar Class-XI Sc. (School Captain-1)

2- Raj kumar XI Com. (School Captain-2)

3- Miss Trisha Class-XI Sc. (Vice School Captain)


a) School Captain:

    1. Maintains good personal conduct and behaviour in the Vidyalaya;

    2. Receives roll call and list of absentees from House Captains before submission to Duty Master/Principal;

    3. Maintains full control and good discipline during Vidyalaya level activities with the help of house captains and perfects;

    4. Ensures proper discipline in dining hall, morning assembly, and at all other places where all the children of the Vidyalaya assemble for any activity;

    5. Is a permanent member of mess committee;

    6. Carries out all responsibilities assigned by the principal of the Vidyalaya.

b) House Captain:

    1. Ensures that the house maintains punctuality in all specified activities as per daily routine;

    2. Conducts roll-call of the house during morning assembly and evening games and reports the same to school captain/ housemaster;

    3. Supervise ‘preparation’ or self-study in case same is carried out house wise;

    4. Ensures that all the children in the House devote sufficient time for studies in order to improve their own performance as well as overall academic performance of the House;

    5. Reports absentees and sick children to the housemaster every day;

    6. Controls his/her house during the conduct of all inter-house activities;

    7. Ensure that maximum number of children take part in various co-curricular, sports/games, pace-setting and other activities planned in the Vidyalaya;

    8. Assists housemaster in selecting best talent of the house for participation in inter-house competitions;

    9. Ensures cleanliness around his/her House;

    10. Maintains good personal conduct and ensures proper discipline in the House;

    11. Reports to housemaster in case he/she observes any unusual behaviour (such as persistent depression, rebelliousness continued sickness etc.) On the part of any student of the house;

    12. Ensures good discipline in the dining hall during the meals;

    13. Carries-out all other duties assigned by housemaster/vice principal/principal